Lack of knowledge about the unsteady performance of hydropower machinery is constantly causing inefficient practice in spec writing, model and prototype testing, as well as troubleshooting. Better understanding of the most common problems would be helpful for all participants in the hydropower market. However, as far as flow-induced vibration is concerned, it is very difficult to acquire the pertinent knowledge. Information is scattered over a vast number of technical articles that appeared during the last few decades, many of them of questionable value. Also, there are issues that may only be properly explained in an interdisciplinary manner.

For that reason I already performed specialized training courses explaining flow-induced pulsation when working with my former employer, among others for ENDESA engineers in Latin America (2003), as well as for my former colleagues at ANDRITZ HYDRO (Canada 2013) and during a customer seminar (Brazil 2013).

This kind of training courses is available as a service of Hydro adviser. It is possible to select a focus according to the customer’s main interest; the whole area is quite heterogeneous and can hardly be adequately covered in a single course.