During commissioning of a hydropower unit, some tests may be done to verify the pulsation and vibration guarantees. In most cases, guarantees are met; otherwise it will be necessary to find the reason for non-compliance. To facilitate reliable diagnostics and subsequent rectification, a careful root cause analysis is necessary which in turn requires test results of adequate quality. Unsteady flow phenomena inside the turbine or storage pump are often involved which may considerably depend on the operating conditions, hence it is important to properly choose the test signals and test conditions.

Hydro adviser  is not equipped to perform measurements - this is something suppliers or consulting companies can do reasonably well - but provides identification of  the source mechanism in case of a vibration problem or operation stability problem. Adequate recording of test data is required in order to enable meaningful vibration analysis. Mistakes, in particular omissions, are quite frequent in test design; this may significantly reduce the reliability of the root cause analysis; I therefore warmly recommend accepting some advice at an early stage.